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  • How well do you know Jack Daniel's

    Everyone rushes to pick a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and it is more often than none a staple at many homes or parties. Many people prefer Jack on the rock or a Jack with coke. Point is, we love the drink, but really how well do you know the whiskey? So, we are breaking down few truth, you probably did not know about your favourite drink.

    Jack Daniel’s is known to be the oldest registered distillery in the US.

    Truth is, many brands like Maker’s Mark for example, claim to be oldest, where they were making rum before whiskey got so popular. But Jack Daniel’s holds the... Read More

  • H41- The Wild lager Beer

    Heineken, the world’s favourite beer, recently launched a limited-edition beer, calling it the H41. The H41 has hit our BMMI stores and we could not be more stoked. Read on to find out what makes the H41 a truly special beer to indulge in this month.

    H41 is a uniquely made, limited edition by Heineken. What makes this beer so distinct in how the beer is made. This Wild Lager is known to have been brewed using a rare ‘mother’ yeast that was discovered in a beautiful untamed forest of Patagonia, Argentina. It all came together when Diego Libkind, who was an Argentine scientist, was... Read More

  • How to enjoy Bourbon the right way

    202544_1If you are only a relatively newcomer to the world of Bourbon, then this is probably for you. The American homegrown whiskey has gotten quite a reputation for being one of the most popular pours around the world. But don’t let the numerous options and styles of Bourbon scare you. Here is a short guide that will help you truly enjoy this... Read More

  • Know your favorite craft beers

    If you are a beer lover, then you probably already know that craft beers are America’s love story. If you didn’t, then here is a quick roundup. Craft beers are nothing but beers made in small batches at a microbrewery. These breweries are known for their emphasis on flavour, and their unique brewing techniques.

    Let’s break down a few craft beer styles and what food goes well with them.


    Pilsner beers are known for their light straw to golden like colour. They foam up to give a dense and rich head. These types of beer display a clean and... Read More

  • Everything you need to know about Sauvignon Blanc

    Let us start from the beginning for all the wine enthusiasts who want to know all about the grape, the aroma, their characteristics, best pairings and etiquette.

    Birth & Countries Producing the Grape Variety:

    A green skinned grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc seems to have gotten its name from the words, ‘sauvage’ meaning wild, and ‘blanc’ meaning white. Having its roots in Bordeaux, France, Sauvignon Blanc makes a really refreshing crisp, elegant white wine varietal. Having its origin in Bordeaux, France, Sauvignon Blanc grapes are also grown in The United... Read More

  • Laplandia - Reinventing Vodka around the world

    204210_1The Unusual Story of Rock n’ Roll Meeting The Perfect Diamonds

    You read it right! We said Rock N’ Roll meets diamonds. The story of the famous award-winning Finnish vodka, Laplandia is the story of two insanely talented individuals, from entirely different backgrounds and interests, crossing paths.

    The story starts with David, who is a Finnish diamond... Read More

  • Tofka Vodka - How do you drink it?

    204221_1_1Tofka Vodka, a new addition to the BMMI’s vodka family brings a unique twist on vodka. The brand, Tofka Vodka is known to be made using the tastiest and the finest toffee ingredients that is sure to awaken your senses. It isn’t a surprise that Tofka, a world sensation has enticed taste buds around the world and is now being called as the world’s most unique... Read More

  • Tequila Vs Mezcal

    What is the difference between the two Mexican spirits? It isn’t just in the flavour. Much like how Scotch and Bourbon are types of whisky, in the same way, tequila is a type of mescal. So, much so that, one can safely say that all tequilas are mezcal, but all mezcals are not tequilas. Mezcal is defined as any agave-based liquor, which obviously includes tequila as well. Here is what you need to know from the two: • Tequila is made only from 100% blue agave. On the contrary, Mezcal can be made from over 30 different agave species. • Tequila is called ‘tequila’ only, and only if it... Read More

  • Talisker - The spirit of a wild island

    They call Talisker, ‘The Wild One’. History has it, that Talisker is the oldest Single Malts Scotch Whisky distillery that was made by the sea on the very shores of the Isle of Skye. If you haven’t seen or heard of the natural beauty of Skye, it is time you look it up and be amazed. The Isle of Skye is one of the most remote, rugged, yet breathtakingly beautiful landscapes you can come across in Scotland.

    It all began in 1825, when Hugh MacAskill of Eigg had acquired the Talisker House on the beautiful Isle of Skye. Beginning their dream, they ventured into the process of creating a... Read More

  • Everything you need to know about Chenin Blanc

    Let us start from the beginning for all the wine enthusiasts who want to know all about the grape, the aroma, their characteristics, best pairings and etiquette.

    Birth: The birth of this unique white grape variety can be traced all the way back to the ninth century. Cultivated in the Loire Valley of France, these grapes had only seen the outside of France in 1655, when people believe, Jan Van Riebeeck, considered to be the father of South African nation during the time, took the grape vines from Loire and first planted them in his vineyard in South Africa. Currently,... Read More

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